TARDUR time outside current year

When setting up a departure time outside of the current year at tardur.openrouteservice.org, the following error message is shown:
Code 2002: Parameter ‘-0NaN–NaN–NaNT’ has incorrect value or format.

Why does this happen?


Hi @Robot8A,

hmm it seems the date picker component doesn’t resolve the date correctly.
If you open the developer console, you can resend the request with a proper formatted date like "2023-03-20T20:40" and it will work.
You would still have to render the response outside the app, e.g. on geojson.io

But this client is only a test implementation for now, so i don’t think this will be fixed anytime soon.

Best regards

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Looks like adding YYYY to the format of the time picker fixes it, quick patch here:

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