Supported directions URL parameters

I’m working on a project where I like to include a ‘directions’ link that directs users to a map on the openrouteservice website with the start and end point already set.

I got this link structure that does almost everything I want it to do (,3.796718,51.890888,4.47288&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km ), but there are some issues.

It for example doesn’t show a map layer itself, it just draws the route on a grey background unless I manually activate the OpenStreetMap layer. Is there a url parameter that I can set so this happens automatically? Also it shows this surface / elevation box, which I don’t want there. Can this also be hidden with a url parameter?

I tried to search for documentation what all the different parameters in the URL mean, and what’s supported, but I can’t find anything about it? If this is documented somewhere, then please let me know where and I will take a look :slight_smile:

Right. We were JUST talking about that.

Currently the maps client defaults to a broken tiles server. We’ll change the default very soon to OSM tiles, today or the latest end of this week.

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regarding the elevation box, you can diable it in the settings grafik

The baselayer as well as whether you show the elevation or not should be remembered by your browser.

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