Structured Geocode wrong coordinates for address

I am using the Geocode API to get coordinates for street and housenumber. However, since today I am receiving wrong coordinates for the most of the streets in my town.

For example for “Schauinslandstraße” in “Hambrücken” (Germany) with zip code 76707 I receive coordinates that do not point to the desired location.

Here is the link I use to request the coordinates:ße&postalcode=76707&locality=Hambrücken

The link is already correctly encoded and I also receive this “issue” when checking over the API Playground.
Other streets in 76707, Hambrücken where this error happens are for example: Falltorstraße, Bachweg.
Adding an exisiting housenumber results in the same wrong coordinates, which all point to the same location.

Could someone help me here or has anyone experienced a similiar problem?

Pelias just can’t find your requested exact address and falls back to what it knows: Hambrücken locality. Obviously that’s always gonna be the midpoint of the geometry which makes up the boundaries of Hambrücken.

It’s a weird case, but not specific to ORS. We host a Pelias instance and on their reference server, I get the same result:ße,hambrücken

However, adding a valid housenumber is correct:ße%201,hambrücken

You can take it up with Pelias directly:

Hey, thanks for the fast reply. But why did it work till yesterday evening? Till yesterday I could find all streets in 76707 Hambrücken.

When using:,76707%20hambrücken
I receive the correct coordinates, however using:ücken
I receive the “sandard coordinates”

Uhm, maybe they just had enough of Hambrücken and moved to a town who appreciated their sensitive souls for what they are?

No idea mate. We have the same data, though likely a little different version of all the modules running than Pelias does. Can’t help you much here.

Edit: nothing changed since last night on our side. Neither data, nor software. So there really shouldn’t be any difference for the past 3-4 weeks.

Hi, thanks a lot for your fast replies!
I made another class to fetch data directly from pelias.
God save interfaces :smiley:

Be careful though, that’s a dev portal, they constantly change their data on there. Also, it shouldn’t be (ab)used for any queries or they decide to shut it down, which would be a pity for everyone.

thanks for the hint, I only fetch data once and store it in a database, so its only for getting the data once :wink:


Interestingly, or maybe not, I seem to be having a similar issue. When doing a lookup on a United Kingdom postcode I am returned the same coordinates no matter the postcode entered. This has not been a problem previously.

I am performing a Structured Forward Geocode Service, which I know is in Beta so that may be part of the issue. I search with the postcode and the country of United Kingdom, all other fields blank. Example of a postcode would be SW1A 0WA, in return I get the coordinates of 54.75844, -2.69531. This is the same for all postcodes I have attempted today.

Any ideas?