Steps for altering openrouteservice configuration


I work for a local fire service and we are trying to use the openrouteservice API to investigate our travel times throughout the county.

As such, we have created a local instance of the API and are now in the process of trying to configure the vehicle profiles to more accurately reflect our emergency vehicles through road restrictions, road speeds, grade level limits, etc.

We tried a month or two ago and were not able to get any different results from our test changes and we believe we are missing out on some steps.

I was, therefore, hoping that someone would be able to provide a list of steps that are required when trying to make said config changes. From the documentation I have found that you need to rename the vehicle profile to avoid default values and also rebuild your graphs. Are there any steps we are missing? And is there any further support we can reach out to if we are unable to get the changes to work?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tgff,

there are several parts within the application you would need to adjust.
The easiest would be to overwrite the speed values for an existing profile in your instance (e.g. for HGV or car).
You would just adjust the values in the VehicleFlagencoder:

Yes afterwards you need to rebuild the graphs.

You could still use our live API if you need the non-customized version.

For this usecase you can also contact our support mail adress.

Best regards

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Ok great, thank you very much for your help!