Steepness not affecting the duration of bicycle routes

Hello all.
(And first: thanks to the ORS team and contributors for this great job!)

I’m using the bicycle routing on my project (POST
It works pretty well. However, I’m surprised with the durations calculated. The docs say that steepness of the way is considered, but I doesn’t seem to actually impact the travelling time. For instance, the following route (which goes uphill a lot) takes almost the same time when you reverse it: around 1 hour; whereas I would have expected something like 2hrs up, and 30min down.),France/Sisteron,France/data/{“coordinates”:“6.067265,44.228602;5.945306,44.185102”,“options”:{“zoom”:9,“profile”:“cycling-regular”,“preference”:“fastest”}}

I couldn’t find any parameter or option that should be specified in the api. Am I missing something ? Or maybe the feature is disabled on your public http service?

Hi Erwan,

our production servers for bike do not support elevation for speed detection at the moment.
The elevation data is used to extend distances going up and down the mountain, but no speeds. This option is possible to be set in the app.config if you have your own ORS instance running. I do not know whether it works well or even correctly, though.


Well… Too bad for my app, but at least now I understand.
Thanks for your answer.