Status 406 - "not acceptable"


I am developing an WebApp that should downloads directions from openrouteservice. While doing this, I am running into a CORS-Issue that I can’t fix myself.

I do have a custom deployment of ors on my own server (6.1.0), but either my own deployment, nor wouldn’t give me any other response then this:

body: (...)
bodyUsed: false
headers: Headers {}
ok: false
redirected: false
status: 406
statusText: "Not Acceptable"
type: "cors"
url: ",51.51331787611618&end=7.427511500153572,51.517601389205424"

What can I do to have a more willingly serving server?

If I call the url manually (and not from my locally (with parcel) hosted App) I get a response I can work with.

Please be aware, when you take your time to answer: I am not a trained developer but an urban planner doing some programming… (and am not really sure if I understand CORS at all…).

Kind regards + thank you! Janne


without further review, just b/c “CORS” was mentioned - have a look at the last two comments in this thread, that might help.

Best regards

I think my web.xml ist correct (it is the default, deployed by docker-compose PLUS added “Authorization”)



Any other ideas? Is it possible I call it wrong from my webapp?

And just to make it more clear: openrouteservice ist deployed on a server. The development happens on localhost.

Ah, I am sorry. I sent the wrong header ’ accept: “application/json” ’ - Now it works.