Some comments on the new and old ORS layout

Hello and thanks a lot for this great service.
I am an openstreetmap contributor and use your routing service for various purposes.
I have some comments on the new ORS layout:

  • the “topography” scheme is great. Is it possible to include that in the classical layout?

  • There should be numbered labels on the waypoints, as in the classical layout. It is otherwise very cumbersome to assign or connect the map waypoints to the table.

  • It is convenient to have this “direct routing” option in the table. However, direct routing will lead to a mess-up in the elevation profile. I assume that you have already noticed this because it is very obvious. I can send a screenshot to explain further, if required.

Keep up the good work and best wishes from Heidelberg

Hi @kasolo,

It is not planned to include any new features in the classic client, see:

I guess with topography scheme you mean the base map?
If you want, you can implement it and open a pull request to the classic client, i can then review it.

Regarding the other 2 issues, please check open issues in the repository:

  1. is already there
  2. Is originating in the ors backend
    there is a work around in the classic client “fixing” that problem, but not in the new client.
    But you can write a comment in the backend issue if you second that issue.

Best regards

Hello, and thanks for the feedback. Please see attached, old vs. new. I do not see the number labels in or near the route markers and could not find a way to turn that feature on.
Best wishes

ah, my bad.
With is already there i ment an open issue, so you do not have to create one for it :slight_smile:
It was not fixed yet


The numbered makers is already implemented and available here