Small Webapp to get easy more Infos about Hikingways in Switzerland

I have developed a small webapp that allows you to take a picture of a signpost and then contains more info. Among other things like the complete route and altitude information. And the next Public Transport Connections on the final Destination. But it only works in Switzerland.

I used the following API’s:

  • Recognise text in image: Google Vision
  • Convert destinations into geocoordians (Geocoder): (SwissTopo)
  • Calculate routes: ORS of course! :slight_smile:
  • Elevation data: Google API Elevation*
  • Public Transport Connections:

If you are interested, feel free to test it: (German only)

*I got sometime some errors with ORS and correct Elevation. I got the following Answer:

“…we are using CGIAR processed SRTM data for our elevation ( for that region). It has a resolution of 90x90 meters. In mountenous areas some data parts might be interpolated to circumvent no-data areas (which is probably the case in your region)…”