Shortest route gives a longer distance


I’m testing openrouteservice directions for shortest route calculation for pedestrians from one point to another point in order to do some analyzes on the accessibility of bus stops in a next step.

In the following screenshots you can see two routes from one point to another point. Please have a look at the route length (distance) and the choosen preference (shortest and fastest).

When I choose “shortest” route as preference it will give me a longer route.
I did not set any additional settings.

Is this a bug or are there more things to check when setting the route?

thank you

Link to the route

Hi @arbitrax,

yes that is a little strange… we are currently in the process of updating the code behind the pedestrian profiles, and I have just checked locally and it seems that with this new code, both the shortest and fastest are the same (which is as they should be in this case). Hopefully this will be released within the next couple of months and then everything should be fixed.


Thanks @arbitrax for reporting the problem. We are aware of the issue and have already a fix in place awaiting for the release, see #239.