Shortest path is not showing in direction even in cycling mode What to do for that?

ors_directions(coordinates = points(),profile=“cycling-regular”,preference=“shortest”)

Please help me to develop this code for shortest path.


Look, this is not how this works. We are here to answer specific questions you have regarding openrouteservice. We are not IT support and we are not going to write your code.
If you are having trouble developing in a certain language, you might want to do some tutorials or search for the problems you encounter on stackoverflow.

If there is something not working with one of the SDKs -> file an issue in the related repository

Please read your post again and ask yourself how i should know what you are trying to do?
If you are asking a question, be specific, provide context,
post requests, responses, URLs or screenshots that actually help describing your problem.

With posts like these you are just wasting time of other people.

Consider this a warning. If you do not improve your posting behaviour,
we will be forced to ban you from the forum.

Best regards