Setting Up Custom OpenRouteService Instance

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to set up my own OpenRouteService instance using a custom location from an OSM.pbf file, but I’m a bit stuck. Could anyone give me a hand with this? Just need some guidance on where to start and any potential hurdles I might face.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi @jorgepessoa6 ,

I would recommend setting up ORS version 8 which will be released very soon (current main branch). The documentation can be found here: Running your own openrouteservice instance | openrouteservice backend documentation
If you face any issues, just ask again.

Best regards

Hey Sascha!

I wasn’t able to replace the OSM file successfully. I tried to replace “heidelberg.osm.gz” with “portugal.osm.pbf” wherever it is referenced. Can you guide me in some way?


Hi @jorgepessoa6,

if you placed the file next the the heidelberg file (usually the files folder) you will just need to adjust your ors-config.yml at ors.engine | openrouteservice backend documentation
ors.engine.source_file and rebuild the graphs (remove the graphs folder).