Set `radiuses` parameter in R

Hello Team Openrouteservice,

Thank you for your really useful ors service!

I would like to change the radiuses parameter for R ors_optimization().

Could you help me with some example code? I can’t figure out how to pass it to the function:

res ← ors_optimization(jobs, vehicles, options = list(g = TRUE))



the optimization API doesn’t have a radiuses parameter.

Best regards

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thanks for your reply!

When I call the R function ors_optimization() the returned object comes with routing information as described in Query openrouteservice from R • openrouteservice.

It works very well with most points close to roads.

We have one sampling point high up in Black Forest that gets rejected with the following Error message:

Error: Openrouteservice API request failed
[500] Could not find routable point within a radius of 350.0 meters of specified coordinate 6: 8.0569910 47.8784700.