Server down when calling Directions from Python

I get a UserWarning:

*UserWarning: Server down.*
*Retrying for the 1st time.*
*  stacklevel=1)*

After ten retries there is a timeout.

My Python code:
import openrouteservice as ors

api_key = ".."
client = ors.Client(key=api_key)
directions = ors.client.directions(client, ((8.681495,49.41461), (8.687872,49.420318)), "foot-walking")

Is there something wrong and do you have any idea when this would be fixed?

Hi @Olafdl,

Currently the foot-walking profile is down. See

It should be up again in a couple of minutes (or 10s of minutes).

Best regards

That’s great. Thanks!

foot-walking profile is down again. Is there an expectation when this service will be up again?

Hopefully within the next half an hour

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aaaaaaaaaand foot-walking is back :slight_smile:

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