Segments instructions ignoring previous segment direction/bearing


Thanks for you awesome service!

I’m designing a car/hgv routing app which goes via certain predefined way points and I would love to use your directions API.
I am tryging to generate route directions between multiple coordinates (points), but after I reach a way point, the next segment starts in opposite direction. (1st picture).

How can I handle it to follow the direction/bearing of the previous segment (as it is in 2nd picture).

I already tried providing bearings and it seems it works, but how can I know the bearing for each point before sending the request?

Is there any other setting I am missing?

This is my request:

{“coordinates”:[[23.40451,42.64722333333334],[23.399855236339576,42.65280056336096],[23.385444099999997,42.658795399999995]],“maneuvers”:“true”,“bearings”: [[270,0],[270,0]],“roundabout_exits”:“true”}


there is the continue_straight parameter that should provide exactly this functionality.

Note, that this’ll of course apply to all waypoints.

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Yes, this one worked perfect! Thank you!

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Hey, again and thank you for your time!

But still the continue_straight paramter is not working on boulevrads and bigger roads - it suggest to do an illegal U-turn here on a two lane in direction road. Am I missing something?

Even if I pass bearing or next point in the proper direction, still the same.

Here is the request:

Hi @midori_san,

that doesn’t look right. Could you open an issue for this and provide some info as well as the full request (url + body)?

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