Search by postal code in Spain


I started to implement the geocoder service of the public ORS API server in a Spanish service, when I realize that it’s not working at all with postal code.
There is no postal code in the properties returned, and searching by postal code give no result at all. exemple :

(25001 is the postal code for Lérida, you can see in the link below that there is no result in spain.)

However,nomiatim give some good result: 25001 | OpenStreetMap so that make me think that is not a problem of data source. Also it’s working pretty well for other country like France, so that make me think that it’s not a problem with postal code in Open Route Service in general.

So what’s wrong with postal code in Spain in Open route service? It’s there something that we can do?

EDIT : My bad, the postal code is returned for some layer like address. But it’s not working when searching by postal code