Same co ordinates for different address and no results from ors map

I am trying to find distance between two given addresses. The distance matrix api gives zero as result and co ordinates given by the pelias seems to be the issue. All of the following address has the exact same output:

Checking out any of the above address in the ORS UI map gives me an error saying “No address can be found” but everything is valid address as per google maps.

Hi @Vasanth_Balaji,

the pelias geocoder is very sensitive. If you give it too much information at once it might discard the right address because the structure is slightly different.
For the addresses you mentioned i was able to find them after only typing house number and street like :
It will display the correct result as the first entry in the result list.

Try building up your address search from small to big scale and it will usually work fine :slight_smile:

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Hi @amandus,

Thanks for pointing this out. I was going over the pelias documentation and noticed you can set the boundary.gid to search within a particular state. So I wondering for the above cases where the number and street name are giving the gecodes, maybe I can use the gid filter to a specific state so that I don’t end up getting geocodes from a totally different state when the street name is not unique.


You should be able to pass this to our /geocode/search endpoint already by specifying boundary.gid with the specific gid you want to search in.
Although its not yet in our docu, as we didn’t update it yet. Will do that soon.

For the right format you currently have to look at the pelias docs, like you did :slightly_smiling_face:

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I updated the pelias documentation. You can now specify the gid in the playground:

Have fun