Running local mapping client with custom isochrone statistics


I am looking to make an application for personal use similar to the maps client. I already have ORS running on docker and if possible, would like to gain a better understanding of how the maps client was built.

Really am looking to attain a more expansive set of custom statistics that would be readily available for isochrones (more than just the population statistics that is able to be viewed for each isochrone).

Any insight would be helpful! I have all the required data and have a local instance of ORS running, just need to build the client.

Hi @MattMDL,

The code for the client is open source so you can even start with the current client as basis for your application.

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Awesome, thank you! Now is it possible to edit the initial population dataset? I have not been able to find any documentation in regards to this yet.

At this time, I have been able to set up an application with this: Trafford Data Lab · GitHub. However, just need to figure out the statistics.