Routing through pedestrian area

It looks like ORS does not put a pedestrian route through a pedestrian area unless there is also a path across the area. The access to the area is pedestrian in ORS. I have added a few paths to areas to make this happen, but can you route through an area?
There is a similar problem with car parking areas which you can walk across. If the a pedestrian path connects to the area, can you also route through it?

Hi @arbuthnot,

routing through an area is not an easy task, as the engine would have to create virual edges for a lot of places. There was a study on this a few years ago, but the resources needed to process this for global OSM data are not worth the benefit.
Here is an old blog entry about open space routing

I think OSRM can route around open spaces (on the borders), which is not quite routing through but might help you.

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