Routing skips a bridge, can't undertsand why!

There are no one-ways or seasonal allowances, no limitation for car or whatsoever; anyone can help to understand why ORS doesnt want to cross the brigde? Perhaps there was a barrier or something that has been removed, and it is just matter to wait for next routing table refresh?



Hi @gspeed,

that might be due to the tag oneway=no which is not quite common.
The code handling oneways also seems to be missing the oneways variable it checks agains…

Would you mind opening an issue for this with relevant information in our backend repository?

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@amandus, thanks for the comment. Hoever oneway=no seems to me pretty common. Several other ways in the area have it and all works. I’m going to follow your suggestion and post on the backend repository.

Thanks again

For reference Routing skips a bridge, anyone can help to understand why? · Issue #1258 · GIScience/openrouteservice · GitHub

As an OS Mapper, I’d have to say no. oneway=no shouldn’t be very common, and looking at the area your route is in I don’t think it would be very common.

From the OSM Wiki:

oneway = no

oneway=no is used to confirm that (a part of) a street is not a oneway street. (Use only in order to avoid mapping errors in areas where e.g. oneway streets are common, or to override defaults.)
Especially that last sentence makes me think that this tag shouldn’t have been there. Personally I’ve never had to use it.

Don’t get me wrong, the ORS code should still handle it properly, but I’m thinking that since a two-directional road is always implied in OSM this got kind of overlooked.

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@Stefan thanks for your reply, and I fulyl get your point. With “seems to me pretty common” I meant several other ways in the area have this specific attribute and it seems ORS dealswith it correclty, i.e. it’s routable. For example, not only the bridge but also the two ways connected to it have the attribute as well.

hmmm. yes, I see. There are some differences though: the road coming from the south has lanes=2, the bridge and the road coming from the north have lanes=1. other than that the only difference is bridge=yes between the three features.

I don’t know the code that handles this of course, but these differences may have an effect on it.

btw: on the road with lanes=2 the oneway=no should probably be removed, see the OSM Wiki I posted earlier. of course that assumes that two lanes are going either way…

Just to confirm the issue disappeared, now I can cross the brigde :wink: So it was likely an issue that was solved in the map, just the refresh took some additional time. Thanks all for your inputs