Routing on designated cycle route often deviates from the intuitive route

I love planning cycling routes on openrouteservice since it handles large amounts of vias very well.
I noticed that the routing often deviates from the obvious route though.
Not sure if it depends on the weighting or on errors in the OSM data, i looked at the data via
but could not find any obvious errors (not experienced with mapping)

An example of what i mean:,6.956277,51.328098,6.967843,51.329747,6.977144,51.330612,6.985577&b=1a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

Regards, Flako

hi @flako ,

puh… thats a whole lot of tags on that way it is not using:

description=Bahntrasse der ehem. Niederbergbahn
name=PanoramaRadweg Niederbergbahn
note:de=Bis April 2020 gesperrt

The way is definitely not in the graph. Could be that one of the tags (e.g. railway) is responsible for removing it in the build process.
But i will forward it to our backend specialists :slight_smile:. They may be able to provide more info.

Best regards

Hi, thanks for the Reply!

Do you know if some kind of tagging guideline is documented somewhere?
Maybe i get a little more into mapping in osm and learn how to fix these issues, since i come across them quite a lot.

Regards, Flako.

Oh and i just saw that the german note says its closed until April, 2020. :joy:

Hi Flako,

apparently the way which is missing from the routing graph has been just recently edited to include the tag highway=path. Before it was tagged with highway=construction which is not considered for routing. Our graph builds are typically a few weeks behind the latest OSM snapshot which explains why the way is still missing form the routing graph. The issue should resolve itself with the next graph update.


Thanks for the update!

I also found that this way

has “access=no”
so it is not a routing issue, it is more a visualization issue with the OpenCycleMap style. it seems that things like construction or access tags are not rendered on the map to indicate that its not passable.

Sorry for the confusion, it is not a routing Issue :slight_smile: