Routing issue across a bridge


I am trying to simply cross a bridge by bike, car, bus or foot in the direction from south east to north west. The calculated route goes over a non existing bridge with a long detour. I noticed that the route over the brdige is possible wheelchair and with all vehicles vice versa (north west do south east). I can not see a reason for this issue.

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I cannot reproduce you statement that “the route over the bridge is possible with […] all other vehicles vice versa”.

The bridge in question has changed its tagging from highway:construction to highway:residential recently, so expect these changes (and the route being routeable) in the next few weeks.

Apart from that, there’s an issue with the wheelchair profile disregarding construction sites.

Hope that gives a reason for this issue,
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Hi jschnell,

correct is that status of highway has changed recently. The rendered tiles show a usable bridge and not a bridge under construction. In addition the calculated route crosses the creek over a non-existing bridge. That’s why I wonder whether data used for route calculation differ from shown data (tiles). Who can the age of the used data for route calculation and map be found out?


Issue has been resolved obviously by map updates.

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