Routing ignoring footpath options

I am attempting to get directions between the following two points:


In my path parameters, I am specifying ‘foot-walking’. I have also tried ‘foot-hiking’.

I would expect to see a route along the green dotted line, as I believe these are footpaths (I walk or run on them most days). However, the directions I get back suggest a circuitous route along the nearby roads.

I have seen lots of examples where green dotted lines are ignored as options.

Am I missing a configuration option somewhere?

NB I’ve searched for answers to this, but not found anything appropriate. The closest I’ve found was a user who spoke about how some paths are coded - but I am seeing this in so many places, I’m finding it hard to imagine it’s an error with the map data; and more likely to be related to the way I am formatting my request.

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the problem here is with the green dotted lines being bridleways, and them not being allowed for foot or bike travel in some countries, so they can’t be used in general.

Tagging with foot=yes should allow foot access, so this is indeed a problem with the code.
I’ve added an issue, feel free to follow this to know when a fix is available :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply - I’ll await the fix :slight_smile:


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the corresponding fix was merged today.
If you’re running your own openrouteservice, you can just upgrade to the latest master and should be good to go.

It’ll take some time, however, until the fix will be visible in the public API.

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Thank you for the update - I am very glad that a fix has been made.

I use the public API. When you say “some time”, can you put an order of magnitude on that? Is it typically measured in days / weeks / months / years?



we’re currently working on a rather huge update to the entire codebase.
As this is nearing its end, I cannot promise whether we’ll have a release before that.

Typically, this would be merged in an order of weeks, similar to changes in the OSM data.

I’ll follow up on whether there will be a release before the update and keep you posted.

Best regards

Awesome - thank you for your excellent updates!