Routing for profile hiking

Dear openrouteservice Team

Your API is great, so thank your for that perfect tool.

As we know OSM supports all hiking trails and your openrouteservice api has a “hiking” profile for walking. But unfortunately the prefered routes are not the official hiking routes. in my opinion this should always be first preference for this profile.

Can i somehow influence the routing to always first take hiking pathes and only if not possible consider other pathes?

Hi @gajamaps,

this is not implemented in the current hiking profile.

It’s not too trivial, but you could try customizing the hiking profile in a local openrouteservice instance.
The foot flag encoder and hiking flag encoder should be the main files you would need to adjust i think.

But this requires that the data of the hiking trails is stored in OSM. If it is, i’m not sure if it is already propagated to the used routing graph.

Best regards