Routing for ArcGIS

Hi guys,

I’m trying to add the routing service here to an Arc GIS application that I am building. But, I am not exactly sure as to where I can retrieve the information that I need. I am looking for the Route URL and the Geocoder URL. I have created a token then went into the API playground and tried using the directions url along with my unique token #. It is not being accepted by ARC GIS, what am I doing wrong and what can I do to remedy the situation? Thanks for any help.

It is not being accepted by ARC GIS,

What do you mean? We need details such as error logs or code snippets.

Riccardo Klinger did a ORS plugin for Arc, no idea if it works though:

It only says please set parameters correctly.

I am getting the url from here. I have deleted my api key for security reasons on this one but even with it in it was not working.

I can’t debug that based on the info you give…

Are you sure it’s meant to be used that way? It looks like an official ESRI widget. How would the widget know which parameters to set, i.e. coordinates etc?! You can only hard-code the URL with preset parameters, which is 100% not the way this works.

Look into developing your own widgets with their JS framework. Other than that, it’s ESRI support you should ask, not us, I think.