Route's elevation profile


Is it possible to obtain the elevation profile of a route? I would like to use this information for a research project in my university.

Like, the information in this printscreen (the information per path segment we obtain when drowing a path in the openroute service manually):

Thank you in advance,
Raquel Aguiar

Hi @Raquel_Aguiar,

Do you want the graphical display of the elvation profile, or just the information stored on the route?
You could just use our API to get the information.

(The information you want is not there when you draw a path manually in the interface.
It comes from OpenStreetMap and is saved on the road-network-graph generated from it.
Once you request a route, the openrouteservice API gives you back the information only for the currently taken path.)

Thank you for the fast reply @amandus,

I want the information, particularly knowing the steepness in each part of the path. The objective would be to test different models to determine CO2 emissions. In box in the image I would like to have access to all segments, to know their lengths and the “type” which I assume to be the steepness.

Thank you again,
Raquel Aguiar

Yes, you can just use the API for that (create an ORS account and generate a free API key to use it).
You might have to calculate the distances by yourself though as it is only returned for each segment and not for every waypoint.

Here you can see how it is done for every node of the route on the website in javascript using the turf library

A similar approach can be used in different programming languages.