Route won't take ferry

This route using the

[[-122.75960191951856,48.11166813910396],[-122.67271967906765, 48.159111201252166]]

won’t take the ferry that is at these two endpoints and instead routes around over roadways.

Note none of the parameters for this directions request have been altered except the coordinates.

How can I get Directions to use the ferry?


Thank you for reaching out!

The problem seems to be caused by incomplete/erroneous OSM data used by our routing engine. Apparently the connection to the ferry terminal is tagged as one-way street, as traveling in the opposite direction is possible. There have been some edits to this area just recently and I do not observe this behavior anymore when I run openrouteservice locally on an up-to-date data set. This issue should resolve itself as soon as we update the graphs on our servers over the next weeks.


Thank you. We will keep an eye on it.

I’m having the same issue here:***&start=-9.07844,38.65332&end=-9.152992,38.75441


I think that a few months ago it was giving me good routing for both sides of Tagus river, using the 4 available ferry connections. But today it’s giving me these results…
What can I do to fix it?

Thank you!

Hi temospena,

all three ferry ways (cais do sodre - seixal; terreiro do paco - barreiro; montijo - cais do sodre) are tagged as motor_vehicle = no. So no car routes here. What behavior was your expectation?

Hi @HendrikLeuschner,
I was looking for a route with “cycling-regular” transportation mode, as you can see on the url.
The suggested route actually uses the “cacilhas - cais do sodre” ferry connection. So why not the “barreiro - terreiro do paco” one, that is right there?

Hi @temospena

Okay, youre right, I did not see the bike profile. Anyway, all these ferries are tagged with vehicle = no which makes them unusable for bikes. That is the reason why the westernmost ferry works, it is not tagged as such. On the map, it is even marked as being for vehicles:
We cannot route on a ferry that is tagged as not for vehicles.

I see…
Thank you for your support!

I’d say this is a tagging problem and the data should be changed if you deem it correct.

I think so too. Check osm directly
A tagging of vehicle=no + bicycle=yes doesn’t make much sense …
Maybe ?

Best regards

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I was looking in OSM editor, and the ferry route was already tagged as motor_vehicle=no + bicycle=yes.

Ok, now I see what you mean. In fact, there was also a tag for vehicles=no.
I just edit that by removing that tag, and left the other two, for the 3 ferry connections that were wrongly tagged.

Thank you. I hope that in a few weeks we can have a proper bicycle route with ORS :slight_smile: :bike:

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