Route won't take ferry


This route using the

[[-122.75960191951856,48.11166813910396],[-122.67271967906765, 48.159111201252166]]

won’t take the ferry that is at these two endpoints and instead routes around over roadways.

Note none of the parameters for this directions request have been altered except the coordinates.

How can I get Directions to use the ferry?



Thank you for reaching out!

The problem seems to be caused by incomplete/erroneous OSM data used by our routing engine. Apparently the connection to the ferry terminal is tagged as one-way street, as traveling in the opposite direction is possible. There have been some edits to this area just recently and I do not observe this behavior anymore when I run openrouteservice locally on an up-to-date data set. This issue should resolve itself as soon as we update the graphs on our servers over the next weeks.



Thank you. We will keep an eye on it.