Route veers dramatically off in one direction before looping tortuously back to the destination

I have made a small app for creating random walking routes on the map, a chosen distance away. For example, I can choose a walk of 500 metres and the app picks a random location that distance away, and openrouteservice provides the path from where I am to the destination. I’m finding that sometimes the route veers dramatically off in one direction before looping tortuously back to the destination icon when there are many much more direct alternatives. Could it be that there is information lacking in the database (missing waypoints etc) that prevents openrouteservice from providing a more direct path? If so, is there a way to improve the service by directly providing feedback to openrouteservice of the missing information?

Relevant information:

I am very new to maps etc so I don’t know what I don’t know yet.
I live in Viet Nam - would that affect the degree of accurate information on the map database
I have coded the app using MIT App Inventor2 so, while I can and do code in Python etc, I’m not really sure of what’s going on under the hood as far as the app is concerned

Hi @Ross_Munro

If I got it right you you have created an application that interacts with the ORS API and it displays the results in a custom interface. If that is the case, then, your question is in the wrong category, since Maps Website is for cases related to our maps client In this case, your question should be posted in the category 5 → please check the link openrouteservice - openrouteservice

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That’s really helpful, thanks. I think I’ve got it in the right place now. - although I’ve since been into openmaps and that may be where I need to ask. It’s a steep learning curve.

Hi @Ross_Munro,

could you give an example request (ors endpoint and body or request parameters) for this?

ORS is using OpenStreetMap as databasis, so if there is something missing or wrong, it will have to be changed there if it is a data issue.
If it is to do with route generation you can either ask here or directly create a new issue in our backend repository if there is none for the problem.

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