Route to residential addresses on private roads

Is there a way to allow route planning, (especially/solely for the final road of a journey), to allow for traversal of private roads?

As an example, it is not possible to navigate to Invercauld House, Aberdeenshire because it is at the end of a private drive. I’ve also seen similar where a route is created but the route ends at the nearest road but not necessarily the road that would allow you to reach the destination - an esoteric example.

If this isn’t possible is it worth me opening an issue for on the Github?

Hi @Slord6,

the official openrouteservice API does not allow routing on roads tagged with access=private.

You can work around this problem in the app by using direct waypoints.

For your second example:
from your chosen point, the nearest point on the available road network is chosen. In your example it’s across the river which of course doesn’t make much sense.
If you move the endpoint a bit north-east it will snap to a more sensible road. However still won’t reach the point as you specified car as profile which is not allowed on the footway.
If you switch to a foot or bicycle profile, it would go all the way there.
But you could also use the direct waypoints here.

Best regards

Hi @amandus, cheers for your help. Direct way-points seems like a decent alternative, thanks.

I think allowing private roads for the first/last segment of a route would be a good enhancement I think for cases like the first example.