Route orientation

Is there a way do ask for a route which start in specific direction.
In a car scenario I sometimes get a route that start in the opposite direction with no directions where to perform a u turn. It might not be a feasible solution. I couldn’t find a way to supplu the current orientation.


Hi @Yinon_Oshrat,

Could you please provide an example request and response of the situation?

In case there is one lane entry for each direction in OSM, the closest one is taken.

For single ways with both directions allowed, the direction for the fastest route ist taken.

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I saw there is a way to supply bearing. Can I use it to force the search to find a route which start in specific direction (and not force a driver to make a U-turn)?

In the API-playground the bearing option is marked as disable, what should I do to make it work on my server (installed with docker)


This parameter is only conditionally available (see conditions if you hover over the parameter).
Currently this is only availbale for cycling- profiles