Route Not Found


“code”: 2009,“message”: “Route could not be found - Unable to find a route between points 1 (-124.0455164 49.2349697) and 2 (-125.9022080 49.1327851).”

Using /v2/directions/{profile}

Here are the coordinates and everything else is the default. Note that this is in BC Canada.


Hi @aesculus,

the reason that you cant get a route here is because it seems someone has entered data incorrectly into OSM. In the image below you can see that a gate has been put onto the junction with Moser Place, and because that barrier is also on the Pacific Rim Highway, routing will not go through it as it is seen as blocking the route. In reality, I guess this gate should be placed on a node in Moser Place rather than the main highway, but I cannot say for sure as I do not know the area.

If you know the area, please feel free to update OSM and then the change will be present next time we build graphs.

Wow. What can I say. How you discovered that or even noticed it is amazing.

I don’t know the area but I seriously doubt that there is a real gate on a major highway. :slight_smile:

I have never updated OSM before but I will see if I can figure it out.

This isn’t the first time we have seen something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally the first thing that is looked into when a route can’t be found is to check the coordinate order (often latitude longitude is given rather than the correct longitude latitude). If that is all fine then 9 times out of 10 it is something to do with the OSM data , so then it is just a case of moving the start and end points until a route is found and then from that looking back at what would cause the route to not be possible. Normally it is a case of a gate, very new OSM data that isn’t in our routing graphs yet, or that a road or path is tagged in a way that it wouldn’t be suitable for the particular mode of travel.

So nothing too magical lol

I would definitely recommend looking into how to edit OSM as it is a really great resource, not just for routing but for many other projects as well, and what people contribute can make a huge difference on people’s lives (a lot of humanitarian organisations use OSM for disaster relief, for example)

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Yeah I tried the bracketing thing a bit but not enough. I was moving the source more than the destination so this time it caught up with me.

I am looking at how OSM editing works and it’s a bit daunting. Plus I don’t like editing others inputs if I can help it.

In this case I posted a message to the original editor but there was no response after a number of days so I might just proceed to butcher it up on my own. :slight_smile:

It looks like someone has edited the route. The gate now looks like it is off the main highway. Does this look like it to you?

Sorry for the late reply, I missed the message.

Yup that looks good, and just tried the route again and it goes all the way from the start to the end :slight_smile:

Thanks for messaging the original author as it seems it was them that updated it