Route milage difference


If I use the ‘shortest distance by car’ settings, the matrix tool says the distance from 381872, 408105 to 383812, 394576 is 30.13km, or 18.7 miles. Google Maps says the shortest distance is 11.3 miles, and Apple maps says 10 miles. Waze says shortest distance is 20km which also equates to approx 12 miles. The routes taken by all of these have been verified as the same. Please can you advise why there is sucha discerpancy with the ORS figure. Every other route I have analysed matches up quite well to Google but the ones around the Bury area of GM just seem to have a substantial difference between the projected miles of the same route. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


it is a bit hard to figure out what you’re talking about, since the ORS is using (lon, lat) geographic coordinates in EPSG:4326-Format.

Given the coordinates should be in the

I couldn’t transform your numbers into anything useful (figured they might be Easting and Northing in MGRS, but no combination led to anything near 30 km…)

Shooting from the hip, I’d assume that this is either to do with recommended vs shortest distances, on which topic there should be a few posts in the forum, or to do with something seemingly weird going on in the underlying OSM Data, especially when you’re saying that

I take that you’re talking about comparing the geometry, which still strikes me as odd given that different routing engines differ by as much as 2 miles.

Going forward, please post coordinates the ORS can use, or even better the route in question using our maps client.

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