Route is not working for some region in Canada

Works fine in google maps:


the reason for this is that the whole Rosedale Village seems to be a gated community, since all roads are tagged with access=private. This means that the public may not access this and thus public routing should not consider this.

This might be a problem with the data. If the area is publicly accessible, then tagging should reflect this.
If you consider this a problem with the routing, feel free to open an issue.
In general, it’s a good idea to start routing from/to gated communities at one of the entrance points, since they are publicly accessible.

Unfortunately, your starting point is more than 350m away from the next publicly accessible road - if it was 50m more towards highway 410, the starting point would have snapped to said highway, and if it was 50m more towards Sandalwood Parkway East, it would have snapped to that.

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