Route Driving Times

Here’s open Route Service:

And here’s what the Big G says: Google Maps

This is me manually tracing Maine State Route 11 (after turning off highways and toll roads in options)

I am going to ride this route, hopefully this summer, but I’m curious why there is a two-hour difference. I’d like to plan some longer routes (jobsites around the country I’ll have to visit, and I’d rather take a motorcycle than a plane), but need to know what ails the time first.

First: they’re not the exact same routes (did not check them all the way, but your ORS route goes through Mechanic Falls, while your G-Route does not - that’s quite a difference right there, which affects driving speeds as well. G reports a total distance of 593Km or 368mi, ORS reports 600.5Km or 373mi).
Secondly: Algorithms are not the same. ORS is pretty wel known, practically nothing is known about G’s and how it calculates driving times.
Third: The underlying map/road data is not the same (affecting speed limits and such: G uses it’s own data, ORS uses Openstreetmap).

So I would have been highly surprised if the driving times were the same…


Bah, I thought I’d dragged enough to follow 11. One of the things I really like about ORS is that ALL route numbers are shown. Going into Augusta, 11 is also 202, 17, and 100.

Do you think the ORS time is pretty accurate?

In my experience the driving times that ORS gives are quite accurate, yes. Of course it depends on circumstances (rush hour, roadworks, breaks on longer drives), but on the whole: yes: quite good.