Route download: undesired file name extension

Hello, I have just noticed that there is a new behavior for route download: The file name receives an awkward extension of numbers, for example


I do not see any purpose for the user to have this numerical extension, it is annoying and was also not present before.
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Hi @kasolo,

please add specific bug reports or feature suggestions in the related source code repository.
For the new client that is:

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The route downloader pre-fill the file name with a standard value and allows the user to specify a custom name. The numbers appended to the file name is a timestamp representation, used to guarantee that file has a unique file name, so that it won’t conflict with previous downloaded file. But, as I said, you specify a custom name before downloading it.

sure I specify a file name in the ORS popup window (“download route”). However, in the “open file” window that appears after that, I find the undesired extension, which then needs to be deleted in further steps. Not the same as before and not desirable because it involves additional steps to obtain the desired filename.

Ok, this was fixed. If a custom name is specified, it will not append the timestamp.

ok thanks
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