Rooting issue for new MTB OSM paths

i am facing strange behavior to root path for mountain bike path i created in OSM
routing works with normal bike and electric bike, but not moutain bike.
some paths just around have same unique tags highway: path and work ok
is there new tag rule for new paths, not applicable to old path?
i am trying to add some additional tags to improve behavior but without success:
any idea?

2 exemples:,5.106164,43.653753,5.108492,null,null&b=1a&c=1&k1=en-US&k2=km,5.150335,43.674856,5.151601,null,null&b=2&c=1&k1=en-US&k2=km

rooting is ok with graphhopper

Hi @tof13300,

strange behavior indeed.
It seems these ways aren’t included in the mtb graph used for routing.

@adam or @takb might have some insight on which tag to use.

just found that type of path are differents for both my new paths. you can see it when you look at additional information for the selected path exemples. ORS says ‘trottoir’ in french vs ‘chemin’ for the other old paths.
wondering if ORS map is up to date as I changed tag 1 or 2 weeks ago. Or tag highway:path for new paths is different than same tag for old paths. how do we know when map was refreshed ?

The graphs normally get updated every week, but for some reason OSM haven’t released a new planet file since the start of July, so we are waiting for that before we get new data into the graph

edit - actually, it seems that the mountain and road bike profiles are running slightly older graphs than the normal bike, so I will update them today to be the same data as the normal bike profile

OK, the other servers have been updated now so they are now using the same data as the normal bike profile

it works now !