Roles of ramps in routing

I would like to ask if the tags ramp:wheelchair, ramp:stroller and ramp:bicycle on highway=steps + ramp=yes are interpreted in any way for the wheelchair, pedestrian and bicyclist profiles?

I am currently implementing for StreetComplete to record whether steps have any of these ramps. The wiki definition is a little bit ambiguous, so I would like to know if the data is already used and interpreted in a certain way.

Relevant ticket on GitHub:


Hi @westnordost
my understanding is that the ramp tags do not get evaluated currently in the wheelchair or bike profiles, it is just a case that if there is the highway=steps tag, then that is either completely avoided or added as an optional avoids for query time.
There is some work being done on the wheelchair profile currently though, so the presence of the ramp tag could be something that gets included in the newer version of it.

Okay, so just for the record, we did a bit of research whether ramp:stroller=yes for example should be interpreted (by routers) that this ramp is also usable to push bicycles up the stairs even if the ramp:bicycle tag is absent. (etc)

The answer is: Yes. ramp:* denotes the type of ramp, not for which means of transportation the ramp is usable. A wheelchair ramp is usable also by strollers and bicycles, a stroller ramp is also usable by bicycles.

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