Rogue waypoint that can't be removed

I did a quick route on a map with multiple layers.

Made a quick route to get a ballpark travel time.

Accidentally clicked an extra waypoint - deleted it from the list.

BUT it is stuck on the map, apparently not attached to any layer. Deleted the layer with the route on it, still there. Turned off all layers. Still there. Restart - unlike blue lines, still there, apparently glued to the damned canvas!

Delete ALL layers - still there.

Reinstalled plugin

MacOs Big Sur 11.6

QGIS 3.16.5-Hannover

Any ideas how to get rid of this since it is smack in the middle of the layouts I want to print and shows on them?

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 17.24.28|690x439

Hi @Ian_Cundell,

sounds pretty similar to this issue.
However this is not high priority on our TODO list.

Contributions to our repositories are always welcome.

Maybe the “workaround” mentioned in the issue can help.

Best regards

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Yep. The fix there seems to have done the trick, but I’d already make a new version of the project.

Seems to me there are multi-purpose projects where this can be a right pain.

Yes indeed…
However, i think this only happens if you use the default view to set your points.
For larger projects i would suggest you generate a point layer and use the batch processing mode to calculate your routes.

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