Ridiculous walking routes in openrouteservice

Hi everyone,
we are planning to use openrouteservice as main route service in our project. Unfortunately we’ve stucked on problem that walk routes are not optimal, sometimes ridiculous.

Here are examples:

I have some questions regarding this problem:

  • What is the root of these problems? OSM maps are badly defined for this region or there is problem e.g. with elevation level?
  • Is there any way to get optimize routes? Is any parameter to “flat” routes?
  • Is there any free alternative for openrouteservice that would deal with this problem for this region?

We are going to configure our own instance of openrouteservice so we are able to change any parameters or use any maps.

Hi @bartoliniii

This is mainly a problem in the OSM data. The second route is due to this object in osm https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/438175856#map=18/52.40494/16.92640
which is a footway area. ORS is not the best to deal with area objects for foot profiles.
But also the object is poorly edited. It doesn’t have the connection points to this footway.

If you have a lot of these objects you might want to consider using e.g. OSRM
as a routing engine. They include object outlines into the routing.

If you are using the frontend and draw the routes by hand you could use the direct waypoint option to avoid this e.g.

Best regards