Respect side of the road of destination point

Hi! First off, thanks for the great tool.

I am using the matrix api to get travel times for a high number of relations. Most turn out reasonable, but some end up unreasonably short. I have determined that this is caused by instances where you in reality are required to drive past the destination, find somewhere to turn around and then arrive at the location at the correct side of the road.

See the attached example image for an example. I have deliberately set the start and end points on the side of the road as the travel link is specifically to a bus stop on one side of the road. ORS does not seem to consider this and goes straight between the points, taking the shortest path and does not seem to consider what side of the road is used. The expected result here would be for the route to start at point 1, then continue north to the roundabout, take the 4th exit and then return to point 2 at the correct side of the road. Is it possible to make ORS follow this, specifically in the matrix API if that matters?

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Hi @David.Hasselberg,

this is currenlty only usable for cycling-* profiles in the /directions endpoint where you can specify bearings.

If you would like to see this feature, please open an issue in our repository.

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