Request for Information on Historical Isochrones and Data Update Frequency

Hi all,

Hope you’re doing well. I’ve got a couple of questions for you:

  1. Can I get isochrones for specific historical periods, like the past 12 months, through your API or any other way you offer?

  2. How often do you update your data, and when was the last update?

Would really appreciate any info on this, thanks!

Hi @Pavlo_Kuryliak,

  1. FAQ | openrouteservice backend documentation

  2. That’s nothing we offer. You would basically need to run ORS with osm data snapshots of the time you want to see and then run a request on it.

You could use osmium to get historical OSM data something along the lines of:

# requirements fullhistory pbf, osmium-tool available via distro package like ubuntu Package: osmium-tool or build by your self 

# get full-history region for area of interest e.g.  from geofabrik like

# extract subregion if necessary to reduce graph/building-time memory consumption e.g.
osmium extract --with-history -p landkreis-ahrweiler.geojson rheinland-pfalz-internal.osh.pbf -o landkreis-ahrweiler.osh.pbf

# for each timestamp, 
## extract e.g.
TIME="2022-01-01";echo time-filter landkreis-ahrweiler.osh.pbf ${TIME}T00:00:00Z -o landkreis-ahrweiler_${TIME}.osm.pbf
## build ors graphs using that pbf
## make isochrone request

rinse and repeat

(Thanks to rtroilo for suggestions)