Recieving ApiError: 400 when using local host

I am using ORS in python, and my code works for a small instance using an API key from the ORS website. However, I would like to run larger instances and found that this was possible using my own server. I have no experience in this area whatsoever, so I followed the steps from SyntaxByte on YouTube. Now I receive the following error:

ApiError: 400 ({‘error’: {‘code’: 2012, ‘message’: “Unknown parameter ‘g’.”}, ‘info’: {‘engine’: {‘version’: ‘7.0.1’, ‘build_date’: ‘2023-03-08T12:06:41Z’}, ‘timestamp’: 1681399387414}})

Does anyone know what this unknown paramater is and where to find/solve it? Thanks in advance.

This is solved, I had to add /driving-car to the API key.

Hi @sander_ruben,

i’m not sure how adding /driving-car to the API key would fix any request :sweat_smile: .
Also please provide the full request in these cases.

With a local ors instance you won’t get the /optimization endpoint. For vroom setup see e.g.

or their documentation.

Best regards.