Reach factor meaning and calculation

What does reachfactor mean and how is it calculated?

Perfect! And any information on how it is calculated?

Basically it’s the isochrones proportion of a circle generated with a mean speed for the specific profile.

Mean values per profile are:

profile mean speed (km/h)
cycling-regular 15
cycling-mountain 14
cycling-electric 20
cycling-road 25
driving-car 100
driving-hgv 70
foot-walking 5
foot-hiking 5
wheelchair 4

If you have a 10 min isochrone for car you would have a radius of 360 * 600 m for the circle the isochrone is compared to.
It’s area would therefore be: (216000)^2 * pi
Then divide the actual 10 min isochrone area by this value and you have your reachfactor.

For further infos check the code:

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