Railway route finding

Hi there!

Is there a possibility to build a custom route based on open street map country railway roads polylines?

In my case I want to find a solution of showing the custom railway route (instead of car road) when defining start and end location coordinates

Could someone advice where to start?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Hi @yuriy_glushakov,

not using our live API or the clients.
You would need to adjust the code and build a separate profile which uses railway tracks instead of normal ways and also do a separate preprocessing of the osm data to build a graph with only those ways you need.
So quite some hacking in java would be needed there.

If you want to go down that route (haha) best read a bit about how the tag filtering and flag encoders work.

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Thanks for details! Haha, hope I won’t need to go so far :slight_smile: