Quickest way to rebuild graphs after .pbf update

I’m using ORS via Docker on Windows.

I have a windows command batch file to call utilities like osmconvert64, osmfilter and osmium to update my pbf file. I’d then like to update my ORS graphs.

Is there an easy way from the command line to do the following:

  1. Stop the container
  2. Rebuild graphs using the new pbf
  3. Keep everything else the same

Or do I need to delete the container each time I rebuild graphs? I’m just wondering the fastest way to replace graphs when I update my pbf file



on startup, the ORS reads existing graphs from the respective directory.
If none exist, it builds graphs from the pbf.

The easiest way to rebuild graphs is then to stop the ors, remove the graphs and start the ors.
In case of using docker, there is little overhead in container rebuilding in comparison to graph rebuilding, so this can be done at the same time.

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