QGIS plugin update

We are happy to announce another Update of our ORS Tools QGIS plugin!

The main features this time are:

  • Additonal information on the actual latitude and longitude of the center used for isochrone calculations (which is the closest point on the routable graph from the requested input point).
    Also this information can be easily extracted to an additional layer by using the Create Points layer from table action from the processing toolbox.
  • Enabled advanced parameters for batch processing. You can now avoid features, borders, countries or polygons in the directions and isochrones processing actions. This will also work with matrix at some point.
  • Custom timeout for every provider. This is especially usefull for local openrouteservice instances with increased restrictions, where isochrone calculation can take quite some time.
    You can set a timeout of up to 1h.

Feedback and Contributions are always welcome.

As always happy routing!

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