QGIS Plugin - Memory Error


I am using the ORS Tools plugin in QGIS to calculate distance and travel times between 100,000 origin-destination points. I have a OpenRouteService instance for North America installed on my laptop. I am able to request lat/lon driving pairs through the API without any issues but when I try to use the ORS Tools plugin for the 100,000 origin-destination points I receive the following memory error. I was thinking maybe to change the -Xms/-Xmx settings in docker-compose.yml? Would there be any other suggestions?

Any further assistance is much appreciated!


This is not a problem of the backend, since the plugin is querying one location pair after the other.
I assume that 100,000 origin-destination pairs are just too many for QGIS/the plugin to handle.

You seem to be querying points across all of north america, judging by what little of your screenshot I can see.
The pluging is querying geojson, and even for routes as “small” as going from Seattle to Portland, this’ll produce responses upwards of 50 KB.

For 100,000 queries, this may thus amass multiple GB of response data, and it’s easy to see why QGIS/the plugin would have trouble.

You can try to specify an output layer instead of using the default (which is a Temporary Scratch Layer), which may result in the data being written to file instead of/additionally to being kept in QGIS memory.
I’m not sure about that though, watch whichever file you specified to see whether that is happening.

Otherwise, it’s probably easiest to split your input layers a bit and then operate on smaller parts at a time.

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Thank you! Reducing the number of pairs solved the issue.