QGIS ORS Plugin does not create Isochrones but

I recently installed the ORS QGIS-Plug-In and created an ORS API. I connected QGIS to it (see photo 1) and “successfully” created a 5-30 minute Isochrone using “Isochrone from point” (I am not sure if that’s the correct wording as my QGIS shows the German title). “Successfully” meaning tha there is no error message or anything but ORS simply does not create isochrones but a little triangle (see photo 2).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thank you very much in advance!!! I’ve been googling for hours now.

Photo 1_ORS API Entry


it seems like you’re starting your isochrone inside the “loop” of the parking space.
If I see this correctly, there’s a barrier=* at the entrance to this parking space.

We’ve recently extended our FAQ with a section about this problem.

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