QGIS isochrones quota error

I am getting the following error in the QGIS plugin (installed today from the plugin manager):

Feature ID 2712 caused a InvalidKey:
403 ({
“error”: “Daily quota reached or API key unauthorized”

My dashboard says quota “Not yet used” and that my key is valid, and there are only about 1000 points in my dataset. Does anyone know what causes this error when I have neither exceeded my daily quote or used an invalid key?

Thank you!

Can you please send me the full query (URL plus API key) to enquiry@openrouteservice.org? You’ll find the last query URL in the ORS Tools log in View > Panels > Log Messages.

Did it calculate any isochrones or aborted on the first one? Also, only 1000 isochrones exceeds your free quota:

Thanks nils! I suppose I am just running up against the free account quota after 500 requests (for some reason I was under the impression the quota was higher). I thought I had run this previously without hitting the limit, but perhaps the quotas have changed since the first time or I am mistaken! Either way, I’ll just split the request into two days’ worth and do it that way – thank you for the quick response.

No worries! Yeah, look at the header on top of this page, it reads ‘New API quotas’:wink: So you’re right, we changed the quotas a week ago. It actually gives you more requests overall, but decreased for specific endpoints (due to their individual complexity in performing them).