QGIS Isochrone Error Message

Hello, I’m having issues generating isochrones w/QGIS. Attached is the screenshot of the error message which doesn’t really help point me in the right direction?

It was working yesterday, but now today it is not. I would post the other screenshots but as a new user apparently limited by the system to a single screenshot.

Please disregard this post. The issue is the API Key was blank in ORS Tools. Not sure why it would be saved yesterday but not today?

Maybe there was a ORS Tools update. API keys don’t survive if the plugin updates.

But maybe not… That error message should be more descriptive, I fixed that last week. Are you running v1.0.6?

Hi Nils,
Thanks for responding so quickly. I just updated to v1.0.7 this morning based on your response. Best, Don

I’m also using the ORS tool in Qgis and a I got an error that I don’t unterstand, maybe you can help me with that?
It says “TypeError: can’t pickle QVariant objects”

Thanks, Markus

First time I ever hear about that error… Interesting. Can you attach your shapefile here? If not, send it to nils@openrouteservice.org. I’ll have a look next week.

Thank you! I sent the shapefile to your mail.


I’ve got the same problem, can I send you my shapefile as well?!

Thanks, Giovanni


Oh sorry, I totally forgot about this… @gioanin let me first look at this one. If you have the same problem, there’s likely no need.

No problem @nils


Hi @mkath,

I loaded your shapefile and I can’t reproduce your error, sorry. It calculated all isochrones just fine for me.

Which QGIS version, ORS Tools version and which OS are you on?

My env is QGIS 3.6.3, ORS Tools 1.0.7, Ubuntu 18.04.