Q - Have I done something or are the routes not loaded into maps.openrouteservice yet?

Hi this may be a simple question but i have been mapping footpaths/sidewalks in my city for wheelchair routing over the last few days on OSM, and they are showing up on the map on maps.openrouteservice.org but are not being included in any of the generated routes. I noticed some of the sidewalks and pedestrian streets that were there before I began mapping and editing are included in routes. I think I know the answer to this but just to clarify that I have not done something wrong when mapping: Is maps.openrouteservice.org, just showing OSM base map(which includes the new footpaths), and will maps.openrouteservice not be able to generate routes with these new footpaths until the next weekly PlanetOSM release, is loaded into ORS? I appreciate any responses to my question.


yes, exactly.
For our base map view, we use the standard osm tiles, which have a delay of 1 minute - 1 day.

For routing, we need the planet file - more info on the timings behind this can be found here.

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